Seminar Catering

Do you need to organise catering for a large conference or perhaps a seminar that runs over numerous days? The food and beverages that you serve can make or break your event – no matter how interesting your keynote speaker may be! And in the case of seminars or training groups, it's in your best interest to provide food that is nourishing and energising to help get them through the day as best possible.

As experienced seminar caterers, Flavours Catering + Events has coordinated hundreds of corporate events, just like yours. So - sit back and relax, as we organise everything to ensure your event runs smoothly.

You can choose from our extensive menu or we can create a custom menu based on your specific requirements such as budget, special dietary needs and more. If your event runs over numerous days, we will ensure a varied, gourmet selection is provided to your guests each day - because no one likes to eat the same boring sandwiches over and over again!

We can set up tea and coffee stations where necessary, and can also provide wait staff attendants to assist with the preparation and service throughout the day. Or you may prefer a DIY-style whereby we deliver everything ready-to-serve and you take care of the rest. Our seminar catering is fully flexible to suit your needs.

No matter what your needs, Flavours Catering + Events can work with you in partnership to help you achieve a successful event.

Call our customer service consultants now on 1300 368 605 about booking a seminar caterer or simply fill in one of the online forms provided and we'll be in contact shortly.



Simply fill in your contact details and we will give you a call shortly to discuss your event details. We'll then prepare a comprehensive quotation based on your requirements and will send to you ASAP.


Our Free Sampler allows the corporate sector to experience our fabulous food first-hand - without cost or obligation. We will provide you with a range of items to give you a feel for what Flavours Catering + Events represents: fresh seasonal produce, generous servings, innovative menu design and a distinct flair for presentation.

Simply fill in your contact details and we will give you a call shortly to schedule a suitable time for you to receive your free sampler.

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